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Freeware FS9 Single Engine Prop Downloads

The downloads on this page are all freeware packages. That means you are allowed to use them free of charge on your computer. That does NOT mean you can do whatever you want with the package. Specific licensing and redistribution restrictions are included in each individual package.

Some of these packages include the entire aircraft, that is; model, textures, panel and sounds. Others only include the textures and that means you will have to download the actual model from somewhere else. Again specifics are given in the individual packages.

All of them include instructions on how to install. Please READ and follow those instructions to place the plane in your simulator correctly.

DV Beech V35 Bonanza
DV Bellanca Scout
DV Buecker Jungman 131
DV Cessna 150
Beechcraft V35 Bonanza
Cap'n Dave
  Bellanca Scout
  Buecker Jungman 131
Jean Robert d'Eshougues
  Cessna 150
Chris Busch
DV Cessna 172
DV Cessna 182
DV Cessna L-19
DV Christen Eagle
Cessna 172
  Cessna 182
  Cessna L-19 Bird Dog
Cap'n Dave
  Christen Eagle
Chris Busch
DV Dehavilland DHC-2 Beaver
DV Gippsland G-8 Airvan
DV Helio Super Courier
DV Lancair legacu
DeHavilland DHC-2
Beaver (Floats)

Cap'n Dave
  Gippsland G-8 Airvan
Cap'n Dave
  Helio Super Courier
Chris Busch
  Lancair Legacy
Cap'n Dave
DV Maule M-7
DV Piper Commanche
DV Piper J-3 Cub
DV Piper Warrior
Maule M-7
Repackaged by Scott Rex
  Piper Commanche
Dave Kiss
  Piper J3 Cub
Jean Robert d'Eshougues
  Piper Warrior
Chris Busch
DV Scottish Pioneer
DV Sikorsky S-39
DV Spartan Executive
DV Socata Trinidad
Scottish Aviation

Cap'n Dave
  Sikorsky S-39
Jean d'Eshougues
  Spartan Executive
Chris Busch
  Socata Trinidad
Chris Busch
DV Vans RV-4
Vans RV-4
Mike Lewis